Weather Returns to Normal

The Hurricane has passed on to the north now and while we did experience some winds topping out at 55-60 mph and quite a bit of rain the property remained relatively unscathed. We had one oak tree in Waterway get knocked over, pulling up the earth around it, but it landed in the parking lot causing no damage to people or property. We also had a few large limbs come down, again, no personal or property damage. For the most part, we just saw a lot of smaller branches, pine cones, pine needles and leaves get knocked loose by all the wind. Most of the clean up has been completed and we thank all of the owners and guests for their cooperation with our property management, landscaping, courtesy team and on-site rental personnel in making the hurricane preparations go as smoothly as they did.


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Lights Out for Turtles


Just a reminder to all beachfront units, the Town of Hilton Head Island requires that lights on structures visible from the beach be shielded or turned off from dusk to dawn from May 1 to October 31. All porch lights must be off by 10:00pm and any windows facing the beach must be covered with draperies or shade screens. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine.

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Hurricane Hermine

At this time Hilton Head Island is in the projected path of the now Category 1 Hurricane Hermine after it makes landfall on the gulf-side of Florida and passes through Georgia. We are already getting some steady rain and the thunder and lightning.

When the “full force” of the storm reaches us, Hurricane Hermine should a Tropical Storm again, but it is still estimated that we will be facing winds as strong as 60mph and lots of rain. We are monitoring the storm closely and have already taken precautions to secure the property to minimize damage. The bulk of the storm will be later tonight and all day Friday. We’re hoping it will be subsiding by Saturday mid-day.

How can you help? Please make sure your patio furniture is brought inside...

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2016 Summer Activities Program has ended


The Summer Activities Program has ended and will return in June of 2017! Thanks to all who participated with the artistic fun and games! See you next year!

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BeachCam back online!

We’re pleased to announce that the BeachCam that Island Club hosts is back online!

It can be viewed off site here.

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Hargray Service Issues

Hargray has informed us that the Folly Field area has been experiencing TV & Internet service issues. If you have any TV or Internet problems in your unit, please be advised that Hargray has service teams working to restore service immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: July 22nd 3:53am – The service interruption affecting our area has been resolved.

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