Hurricane Preparation

As many of you may know, Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th for the Atlantic.  In the early morning hours of October 8, 2016, Hilton Head Island was directly struck by the category 3 storm, Matthew. Previously, the last major hurricane to hit our region was the Sea Islands Hurricane in 1893. It made landfall near Savannah, GA which is less than 40 miles from Hilton Head Island. Thankfully, we take every hurricane season seriously and Island Club maintains a proactive approach when a storm is possibly headed our way. These preventative measures are what has minimized damage from any wind or rain we have been hit with, while providing the least amount of interruption to those visiting the property when one of these storms is on the radar.

We monitor the National Hurricane Center as well as local news and weather channels when a new potential storm is on the horizon. We utilize several tools to spread any announcements to owners, guests, and rental companies – for those of you on property or not, this website will post updates accordingly if a storm is approaching, for everyone on property during a potential storm, we will also have Island Club Community Channel 5 posting any important details, and our Island Club Courtesy Team will continue to put out door notices, make phone calls and knock on doors accordingly.

The safety of our owners and guests is always our number one priority here at Island Club and you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that we are always prepared.

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2017 South Carolina Hurricane Guide
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