Site FAQ

Welcome to The Island Club of Hilton Head’s website “Site FAQ”. FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. This has been added to the site to help explain how some of the things on here work and why you may be experiencing trouble or unable to locate something.

Only part of an announcement is showing on the front page, why can’t I read the entire announcement?

Announcements are truncated at 150 words. You will see a […] at the end if there is more to the announcement. To read the entire announcement simply click on the Title Link for that Announcement and it will bring up a page with the entire contents of the post. Also for space reasons, when a post is shorted to 150 words for the front page, it will remove all forms of formatting, so bold, italics and paragraph formation will be abandoned, however the full post will retain all the proper formatting.

I am trying to view the Photo Tour and clicked on Slideshow but nothing is happening. Why isn’t it working?

The Photo Gallery plugin loads every single photo into cache before it begins to cycle the Slideshow, this way there is no lag (delay) in the Slideshow presentation once it begins.

I clicked on a photo and it enlarged it but now I can’t do anything on the page! What’s wrong?

Simply click the photo again and it will close out again.

The Video Tour movie is not loading / is lagging terribly. Why?

Our Video Tour is a larger file so it may take a few minutes to stream enough content for you to watch it seamlessly. If you are on a slower connection it will take additional time to load/stream seamlessly. If it’s not loading at all, try refreshing the page (F5 on your PC keyboard), if that doesn’t resolve the issue of it not loading at all, try again later. If the video plays but then stops, then starts playing again a few seconds later, then stops again – the video streaming slower than it is playing. Simply pause the video and let it load the entire video before you hit play, that will allow for seamless playback.

My question isn’t posted above! What do I do?

Email your question and the Webmaster will answer you ASAP.